January 1895


Admission books

John Cowie boy No 3083, was admitted on the 1st January 1895 under section 14 by Bailie Webster and committed until the age of 16, charged with ‘wandering.’ His parents are J. and May (Murray) who are both alive and described as ‘well to do respectable people’ their address is given as 29 West Church Street, Buckie. His father is a fisherman and John’s religion is Protestant. On admission, his height is 4’ 11”, chest 27 ½ “, ruddy complexion, light hair, blueish grey eyes, straight nose and ‘good condition,’ his mental ability is noted as ‘intelligent.’ His first school report is ‘Bad, dirty and lazy,’ and in 96 there is ‘no improvement.’




1895 Wednesday, December 11th.



2 boys, James Reilly and Andrew Croal, living in Lilybank Road, pleaded guilty – before Bailie Mudie and Dundee yesterday – to having stolen a purse containing 1s 2 ½d from a schoolgirl in Hilltown on the 23rd November. The Prosecutor suggested that the boys ought to be sent to an industrial institution. Both had absconded on the night of the theft, and had only put in an appearance at their parents’ house on Saturday last. Reilly’s father pleaded that his son might be given another chance, urging the Bailie to give him a taste of the birch rod in preference to sending him away. The Magistrate however, was of the opinion that an institution would be the best place for the boy, and both charges being withdrawn the lads were committed to the Mars till they attain the age of 16.