1902 Discharge Books

Boy 244/3503 John Thomas discharged to “S.S. Montcalm” on 21st July 1902 as a deck boy, as were – 143/3502 Neil R----son, 199/3625 James Adam, 338/3549 Joseph Larkman, 309/ Anthony Gibson.

Andrew Eden was discharged on the 20th November 1902 shipped out in “Beagle” from Cardiff to St John’s U.S.




Discharge Books

Boy 101/3473 James Knox, discharged on the 4th April, 1902, Clanchy, Derry, agents Report 27th May, 1903. Visit to farm and farmer. Also 371/3475 James Smith, Carnamaugh, Ireland, and 43/3565 Denis Hart.