1927 Saturday, 26th February.



At Edinburgh Burgh Court yesterday, four young boys were charged before Bailie Deas with theft by housebreaking. The Procurator Fiscal said that two of the boys entered a shop in the Canongate by means of a cellar under the shop. They pushed up an unlocked hatch door, and stole 1000 cigarettes, six bottles of lemonade, two dozen chocolate snowballs, one box of chocolates, and 4s in money. The value of the stolen goods was £3 5/-, but two boxes of cigarettes had been recovered. In the case of one boy, who admitted a previous conviction for a similar offence, the Magistrate suggested that he should go to the Mars Training Ship, and both the mother and the boy agreed to do this. The other three boys were placed on probation for a period of 12 months, which the magistrate remarked would give them a chance to go straight.



1927 Wednesday, 3rd November.



Anthony Mitchell Henry (24) a native of Inverurie, was sentenced by Sheriff Dallas at Aberdeen yesterday to nine months’ imprisonment, with hard labour, on pleading guilty to having on 28th October last, in a bedroom of the Bruce Hotel, Carnoustie, stolen a suit case, a gold-filled watch, gold watch chain, deposit receipt for £80, leather wallet and £20 of money, jacket, vest, pair of trousers, shirt and four pairs of socks. Accused also admitted having between 1st November and 8th February last, in a house in the west end of Aberdeen, stolen a large number of articles, and on 11th October broken into a house in Port Elphinstone, Aberdeenshire, and stolen other property, and also attempted to break into the Rectory at Inverurie with intent to steal. Mr J. Downie Campbell, solicitor, said accused got into trouble when he was twelve, and was sent to the Mars Training Ship, but apparently the discipline there had been lost on him. He was afterwards employed at Culter Paper Mills for five and a half years, and subsequently as boots at a hotel in Carnoustie. There he developed a liking for alcohol, and went in for what was called “a good time.” He contracted debt, and it was in those circumstances the he committed the offences libelled.



1927 14th November.



William Moore, aged 15, took ill and collapsed on the Mars Training Ship in the Tay on Saturday. He died shortly afterwards. Moore, who belonged to Edinburgh, had been in the ship for several years, and was a member of the band.