1928 November 7th.





Cupar Juvenile Court yesterday, a 13 year old schoolboy, from Kirkland, Wemyss, was sent to Mars Training Ship for three years for theft and false representation. He was charged with stealing a bicycle from a school shed, and with having represented to the wife of a school teacher that he had been sent by her husband to obtain £5, and induced the women to give him a £5 note, which he appropriated to his own use. The lad’s father said he did not know what was wrong with him. The Depute-Fiscal related a remarkable story. On getting the £5, he said, the boy purchased a suit, and cap, a belt, a pair of socks, pair of opera glasses value 12s 6d., an air-gun and darts, and later bought chocolates, lemonade, sweets, papers, cigarettes, rockets and squibs. He then went to a temperance hotel and booked a room for the night, stating that he was working in Glasgow, that a companion had gone away, and that he had himself missed the last train. He paid 4s for his bed and breakfast, and the police ultimately got hold of him. He had been playing truant from school, but had gone home at the regular meal hours. The Sheriff said that the Mars Training Ship would knock some sense of honesty into him.