Dr Conan Doyle in Dundee

Saturday, November 25th.

Dundee Advertiser




Present Day Writers


   The 3rd of the Armistead Lectures was delivered last night in the Kinnaird Hall, Dundee, by Dr A. Conan Doyle, his subjects being “Facts about Fiction.”

The fame of “Sherlock Holmes” is in everybody’s mouth, and for the audience which assembled last night to see and hear him has seldom been exceeded in magnitude in Dundee. Long before the hour was fixed for the lecture every available seat was occupied, and the main door had to be closed upon several hundreds of persons disappointed in obtaining a seat.

Principle Peterson presided, and among those on the platform were Dr Conan Doyle, Lord P. Low, Dr Sinclair, Bailie Macdonald; Provost Scott, Newport; Ex-Provost Moncur, Ex-Bailie John Robertson, Ex-Bailie Ferrier, the Rev. D.B. Cameron, the Rev. John Reid, the Rev. Father Butti, the Rev. Father Holder, Dr J.W. Miller, Dr Duncan, Dr Adam Wilson; Messrs J.C. Buist, R.G. Buist, R.G. Kennedy, Henry McGrady, John Maclaughlan, W.B. Wilson, W.C. Leng, Charles Ower, W.D. Latto, Andrew Stewart, John Mess, &c.

The Chairman, in his introductory remarks, said that such a varied record as that possessed by Dr Doyle, achieved in so wonderfully short a time, would give any man a claim to high rank among contemporary writers of fiction, and he was sure that their reception of Dr Doyle would be all the more warm and all the more appreciative because of the fortunate accident which many people were supposed to cherish to the end of their lives to cherish that he was born in our own country of Scotland. (Applause)