The Dundee Elephant


Dundee Advertiser September 10th 1912.

Here is a description of the famous Dundee Elephant tale from 1706




   After some stay in Edinburgh, her keepers conducted her to the north and on their return came along the sea coast, but there being few places on the road for making advantage , by long and hurried marches they came towards Dundee, and when they were within a mile of this place the poor animal, much fatigued and wearied, fell down. All their endeavours to get her of foot again proved ineffectual. What followed smacks of the wise men of Gotham. “They digg’d a deep ditch, to whose side she might lean till she were sufficiently rested; but that prov’d her ruin; for shortly afterwards there fell great rains, which filled the ditch with water so that, after lying in the puddle a whole day, she died the next morning, being Saturday, April 27th 1706.” (?)