Dundee Advertiser, March 15th, 1893


The Sanitary Committee of Dundee Police Commission transacted last night a large amount of business applicable to insanitary buildings in the city. With regard to the dwelling in Todburn Close complained of it was stated that the premises were now empty, that plans for reconstruction had been before the Works Committee and approved of, and that operations were forthwith to be commenced. The Committee decided to delay further action for three months to enable the work to be carried out. Regarding the complaint about Dempster Street, Scouringburn, intimation was made that the new houses were now almost ready, and the therefore no further procedure would be necessary.


The Burgh Engineer was requested to certify them when completed, so that they might be occupied. With reference to Quarry Pend, Cowgate, a report was made that the alterations and improvements of the house complained against were now almost completed. The owner of the property appeared, and remarked that he thought the dwellings were, as altered, in too good a condition for the locality.


The Burgh Engineer was authorised to grant the usual certificate, the same authority being given in regard to two houses in Cowgate. In the case reported from Pennycook Lane plans for the improvement and reconstruction of the building were submitted, and as these had been previously approved of by the Works Committee three months were given to carry out the work. Mr Storrie appeared on behalf of the proprietors of an insanitary dwelling in Hilltown, and made a long statement in connection therewith, and after deliberation the Committee resolved to continue the matter for a month to enable the members to make a personal inspection.


With regard to the insanitary building in Watson’s Lane, Hawkhill, the owner and his agent appeared, and stated that they had put the matter into the hands of Messrs Jas. Maclaren & Son, architects, to do what was necessary to carry out the improvements desiderated by the Commissioners. In consequence it was decided not to take further proceedings for a month. New certificates against buildings in St Mary Street and Rosebank Street were laid before the Committee, and the Clerk was instructed to serve certificates on the owners calling upon them to show cause against the same if so advised.


A special report was at the same time submitted in regard to two properties which, though not unsuitable for habitation, were without some necessary appliances and conveniences. The Sanitary Inspector was ordered to serve the necessary notices.