There are a few photographs of the picturesque Broughty Ferry Windmill but it seems it wasn’t that ideal if you lived close by as this letter to the Dundee Advertiser relates –


Sir, - As your report of the meeting of the Broughty Ferry Police Commission about an alleged nuisance said to be caused by a piggery and dairy on the Windmill property did not contain all that was said, perhaps you will be kind enough to give the following particulars. In the first place, no one ever complained to me nor to my tenant of anything being wrong about the place, but rather the opposite, for some of Mr Cowan’s nearest tenants said to myself that they were quite delighted with the dairy and the good order in which it was kept. Secondly, the petition signed by a number of residenters in Castle Terrace was, I believe, got up by Mr Cowan himself. Some  of his own tenants signed the paper in a hurry, not knowing what they were doing until they read the report in the Advertiser, and some of them very honourably came and made an apology to my tenant, saying they were very sorry for what they had done. With regard to the wash-house, it was there forty years before there was a stone in Mr Cowan’s property. The boiler and outhouse complained of as causing a smell is simply a portable boiler standing in the open court, where there is nothing boiled but clean turnips and potatoes for the cows and the pigs, the smell of which is considered to be very wholesome rather than otherwise. However, if Mr Cowan insists on sending a complaint to the Board of Supervision he may get a nest of hornets about his head he will not get rid of so easily. These that sit in glass houses should not throw the first stone. – I am, &c.,
                                         David Thomson, proprietor.
            Broughty Ferry, 10th March.