1923 February.

Special Articles, Wellgate.


It was a very happy idea on the part of Mr Campbell Scarlett, the manager of the Newport Amateur Opera Company to invite the boys from the Mars Training Ship to the final rehearsal of “Princes Ida,” and to offer prizes for essays describing the opera. I have been privileged to see these essays, and they reflect great credit both on the writers and their masters.

   The boys were divided into three groups, and three prizes were given in each group. The winners were :-

Group A. – 1 William Smith, 2 David Peterson, 3 Robert Breeze.

Group B. – 1 Edward Gerety, 2 Philip Foster, 3 Robert Dawson.

Group C. – 1 Andrew Ross, 2 Bernard Devaney, 3 Vincent Ramenskie.


1923 27th June

Annual Report


Mr Clough, chairman of the new South African Training Ship “General Botha” paid a visit for the purpose of gaining ideas from our methods of training and running the Mars.