There are a considerable number of new stories placed into their respective years in the Mars Stories section.

They are mainly from 1890, 1891, 1892 plus one from 1893. Being from the Lochee area, I noticed quite a few familiar Lochee family names many of the descendants I probably know.

On another note I finished transferring an audio cassette recording made by Glasgow born but Newport resident ,Radio Broadcaster, writer and Playwright, Billy Kay with H.A.Martin one of the last Mars Boys. This is an amazing interview and probably the only audio evidence of life aboard The Marsfrom a Mars Boy. Billy recorded this interview for a BBC Radio feature "Life on Mars". I have included a link to Billy's site Billy Kay here as it is an essential visit for anyone interested in Dundee and Scottish history and includes an Alladin's Cave of excellent material and interviews.

As it is a fairly lengthy interview it will have to be edited into separate episodes which will appear on the site very soon.

On a different recording aspect, Gordon and I are hopefully going to record the musical versions of the Mars Songs which he features on his Mars Talks.

He gave another talk this week at The Kemback Street Centre and this is going to be an ongoing project with the clients there. Once recorded, the songs will also appear on the site. So there is a lot to look forward to in the coming few weeks.


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