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About The Kibble Centre


The Kibble Centre is the largest multi-service centre in the United Kingdom specialising in work with young people at risk. It provides community outreach, residential care, secondary education, intensive fostering, secure care and employment training for care leavers delivered through a portfolio of social enterprises. Young people come here because they need specialist support and stability. But that is only the beginning of the story…… gives a snapshot of the varied activities which make up our daily life. We hope it will encourage you to find out more about our work, and welcome contact by phone, letter, e-mail, or visit.

Kibble was founded in 1857 by a charitable bequest from Miss Elizabeth Kibble, who died in 1841. Being at Kibble is all about change, growth and development; maturing, learning and social responsibility. For young people, Kibble provides a place of safety, structure and stability, opening up new possibilities to play a useful part in society and prepare them for a happy and fulfilled adult life.


Graham Bell
Chief Executive

About The Kibble Project


The purpose of the project is to research Kibble's origins and development since its establishment in 1859, charting continuities and change in the centre's ethos and operation. The aim is to form a comprehensive history of the centre within the wider contexts of Reformatory, Approved and List D schools, as well as the contexts of national historical events, e.g. major legislation relating to residential childcare, the world wars and social and economic change.

The project continues to evolve and develop as new sources and information emerge. There are three main strands to the research: written archive research, based on Kibble's own records; oral history, recording the personal Kibble memories of former and current staff, associated professionals and pupils; a database of admission and discharge records from 1859 onwards.

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