February, Tuesday 6th

(Dundee Adveriser)


On Sunday afternoon the body of a boy was discovered washed ashore on the beach between Woodhaven and Newport.

Shortly thereafter it was identified as that of Thomas Day, a Mars boy who has been amissing for the past seven weeks.

He is supposed to have fallen overboard, but in what way is not known.

1876 Friday, March 10th.


Dundee Advertiser




The concert given in the Kinnaird Hall on Wednesday by the Mars boys for a large, fashionable, and delighted audience was a musical treat of no ordinary kind…


(Mars Minute Books)

Captain Scott’s report that on the 7th September, Isaac Williamson had died of consumption and William Davidson died of a disease of the brain.



1876 Tuesday, November 28th.


(Dundee Advertiser)




Alexander Henderson (12), residing in Burnside Street, Lochee, was brought before the Magistrate by his sister, who requested that he would be sent to the Mars. The sister stated that her brother had lived with her in lodgings for the last seven months but for some time back he had got beyond her control. Her father was alive, but the last time she heard of him – about a twelvemonth ago – he was in the Poorhouse at Leith, and her mother was dead. Previous to coming to Dundee her brother lived with a brother in Leith, but he was now amongst the soldiers, and the only other friend she had was a married sister, who resided in Liverpool. Her wages could barely support herself, instead of having in addition to procure feed for her brother, who refused to work. He also had begun to stay out of the house at night, and was keeping company with bad boys. She would be glad if the Magistrate would send her brother to the Mars, as he was quite willing to go there. A police constable, who had made enquiries, corroborated this statement. The Magistrate granted an order for the boy’s admission to the Mars, where he will remain until he reaches the age of sixteen.