1894 Courier & Argus

Saturday, 3rd February


Before Bailie Foggie – William Mowat, a lad 13 years old age, residing with his parents in Blyth Place, was brought before the Court to be dealt with under the Industrial Schools Act. The boy had been going astray, saying out at night and associating with bad characters, and was beyond the control of his parents. With the consent of his father, the boy was committed to the Mars till he attains the age of 16 years.


1894 Courier & Argus

Tuesday, 6th February.


At Dundee Police Court before Bailie Doig, Hugh Davidson, a lad about 12 or 13 years of age, was brought before the Court to be dealt with under the Industrial Schools act. It was stated that the boy was the son of respectable parents, but he had been going the wrong road, staying from home, and was entirely beyond parental control. The Magistrate committed the lad to the Mars Training Ship until he attains the age of 16 years.


1894 Courier & Argus

Friday, 23rd March


An exciting incident, which all but terminated in the drowning of a Mars boy, occurred at the ship yesterday forenoon. A boat from the shore had just arrived alongside the ship’s ladder, when a lad named John Gills, in stepping from the boat, by some mischance or other, stumbled and fell into the river. A strong ebb tide was running at the time, and the current, which at this point runs like a mill race, quickly carried the unfortunate boy beneath the vessel. Meantime, the schoolmaster, Mr Stables, observed the occurrence, and, divesting himself of his clothes he unhesitatingly plunged in to the rescue. The unfortunate boy was, it is said, sinking for the third time, when the gallant rescuer seized him, and supported him until aid was afforded. The boy was at once attended to on board, and quickly recovered. Too great praise cannot be awarded to Mr Stables for his courageous act, for had his timely aid not been rendered the boy would inevitably have been drowned.



(Annual Report)

Act of saving life excerpt from the Minute Book.

John Walker Gills fell overboard saved by Mr Stables the assistant schoolmaster, Mr Stables was awarded a bronze medal and parchment.


1894 Courier & Argus

Friday, 6th April.


    Last night the Dundee and District abstainers’ Club from the Northern Section gave one if their popular concerts on board the Mars. Mr Alexander Lewis, president of the club, occupied the chair, and addressed the boys on the evils of intemperance…

    Mr D. Robertson opened by singing “The Boys of the Old Brigade.” Mr Fyffe sang “Rolling Home,” and amongst the other artistes were Mr Bonar, Mr McIntosh, Misses Anderson and Davidson. Miss Hannaford recited with much feeling and pathos “The Newsboy’s Debt.” Messrs Buist and Drummond gave a Scotch selection on the bells, and the Bannermans gave a unique musical entertainment…