1896 8th February.

(Dundee Advertiser)


 …a native of Buckie who on Tuesday last so gallantly rescued a comrade on the Mars Training Ship from drowning on the Tay. The following is an official account of the occurrence written by chief Officer Flynn, who is in command of the boat that picked up the boys. ‘About 1.30 our large ten oared cutter was being manned at the port gangway for the purpose of landing working parties. When the 395, George Lamb, was in the act of passing a large milk pan in the boat he overbalanced himself and fell into the river. The boy 285, John Cowie, aged about 15 years and a native of Buckie, at once jumped in to his assistance. Lamb, not being able to swim at once clutched Cowie, who had very great cifficulty in keeping him up, he having been taken ubder twice. There were two boats sent to the rescue, and although both were clear of the ship under a minute and a half I must say, had it not been for the gallant conduct of this brave lad, the other boy would have been drowned. At the time it occurred the flood tide was running up about three knots, and there was a choppey [sic] sea on and when I reached them they were fully 150 yards ahead of the ship.’ …