1899 Saturday, October 7th.

(Aberdeen Weekly Journal)




Yesterday, in Aberdeen Police Court – before Bailie Sangster – a petition was submitted by Chief Constable Wynes (?) to have William Colquhoun, 11 years of age, dealt with under the Industrial Schools Act, as he was found wandering about without proper control. The father of the boy stated that for some time past he had got beyond his control, and that he would be away for days without coming near home. He did everything in his power by way of kindly treating the boy, and also severely punishing him for his conduct, but without any effect. Evidence led by the police authorities revealed a sad tale. The boy for a considerable time had been in the habit of wandering away from home, with the result that he formed dishonest habits. On the last occasion he left home a fortnight ago, and from the information gleaned seemed to live on the proceeds of petty thefts. He was found living in water-closets, and during the last fortnight committed eleven petty thefts from children, the sums so stolen varying from 2d to 1/-…

His parents were most respectable; the home was also most comfortable, and he was treated by them in the most tender and kindly way. The Chief Constable said that the present case was of a different nature from those usually dealt with in the court in this respect – that the parents were thoroughly respectable, and, if anything, they erred in being too lenient with their boy. Bailie Sangster, who gave effect to the parents’ wishes ordered the boy to be sent to the Mars Training Ship, there to remain until he attained 16 years of age.