1900 Scotsman

Thursday, 25th January.


Three Leith boys, who had run away from home, were charged at Glasgow St Rollox Police Court yesterday with having been found in Sighthill Goods Station in a destitute condition. Their names were James Dickson (12), and William Brown (13), residing in Bangor Road; and John Forsyth (13), residing in Dryden Street, Leith. According to their story, the boys had resolved to go abroad, and to achieve their purpose, they concealed themselves in a wagon of a goods train. All they desired as a beginning of their adventures was that they should be taken some distance from home. After a long journey, the runaways found themselves in Glasgow, and as they were hungry they helped themselves to some oranges which they discovered in the goods station at which they had landed. After-wards they fell asleep in a railway truck, where they were discovered, and handed over to the police. Their parents in Leith were communicated with, but they decided that the boys should stand the punishment for their escapade. While in the Police Station the boys expressed a hope that they would be sent to a training ship, as they wanted to join the Naval Brigade. The Magistrate ordered Dickson to be sent to the Empress Training Ship, and Brown and Forsyth to the Mars, all three to remain until they were sixteen years of age.




1900 Thursday, April 19th



John Howard, schoolboy, Hilltown, was charged, before Sheriff Campbell Smith at Dundee yesterday, with having stolen a pony, a set of harness, and a van from a stable in Caldrum Street. He was also charged with stealing a boy’s overcoat from a shop in Hilltown. He pleaded guilty, and the Fiscal, while withdrawing the charge in order that Howard might be sent to the Mars, recounted the facts of the major theft. Howard it appeared, went into the stable on the 20th March last, yoked the pony to the van, and drove away with it, going as far as Perth. Here he was seen by a man who knew him and the pony as well, and this individual took charge of the yoke, giving Howard money to return to Dundee. The boy, however, went to Glasgow instead. He was beyond his parents’ control. Mrs Howard, who was in-Court said she intended going to America soon and taking John with her, but the Sheriff committed him to the Mars, remarking that if she wished to get him out she could make special application


 900 Saturday December 1st.

(Glasgow Herald)


In Greenock Sheriff Court yesterday – before Sheriff Henderson Begg – two children, named Catherine and James Gorman, respectively 8 and 11 years, who had been got wandering destitute about the streets, were brought up for disposal. The girl was sent to St Mary’s Industrial School, Glasgow, and the boy to the Mars Training Ship for five years.