Buffalo Bill poster from the Courier

Buffalo Bill  




There were many visitors to Dundee during the Mars 60 years in the Tay but few would have excited the boys as much as the visit of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show held on August 18, 19 & 20th 1904. The massive show tents set up on the new Esplanade Extension must have been clearly visible to the boys on board. They would have been able to watch the amazing sight of the arrival, on three special trains, containing the 1,200 men and horses used in the performance. I’d love to think that they were allowed to go to one of the performances though no evidence exists, so far, that they did.

The Dundee Advertiser on Friday, August 19th 1904 carries this amazing story. -





Yesterday Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Exhibition and Congress of Rough Riders established itself in Dundee, where it will remain, giving two entertainments daily, until Saturday evening. For weeks its visit has been anticipated with the keenest interest.




By those who appreciated the civilising influence he has exercised on the natives of the Wild West, whom his superiority of intellect, commanding presence, and uniform kindness have taught to love him as a father, Buffalo Bill is regarded with due veneration. To the masses the name is better known by association with the literature of youthful days.

Enough has been heard of Colonel Cody, warrior and scout, and perhaps just a trifle too little of Cody, the philanthropist, who has done not a little to advance the cause of international amity. In neither of these capacities, however, does he come to Dundee, except in so far as the great organisation over which presides affords a striking example of how the peoples of every nation and clime whom he brings in his train can by fusion of interests be brought to live together in peace, happiness, and contentment. Grit, rather than physical strength, is suggested by his personal appearance. In those sparkling eyes of one of his one sees the man courageous as a lion and tender as a woman in the pursuit of peaceful callings. In the land of his birth Buffalo Bill has acquired extensive interests which demand his early return.

Consequently the people of Dundee are given a final opportunity of meeting this wonderful character and of witnessing the no less wonderful exhibition which he has created, nurtured, and developed to its present colossal dimensions.