Buffalo Bill Advert



   Last night’s performance, which was witnessed by over 12,000 persons, was carried through in a perfect deluge of rain. Despite the storm, not an item on the programme was missed, and whatever might have been the position of the performers, the spectators watched the proceedings in perfect comfort.

 The downpour gave an additional touch of realism to the fighting. A sensation was created by an accident which George C. Davis sustained while performing his famous leap through the air. The cowboy cyclist in his leap through space jumps across a chasm of 42 feet. This is a highly dangerous performance, and the management in their programme insert a proviso that if the wind is high of if there is a heavy rain Davis may not attempt it. The cowboy, however, pluckily decided to -------the feat, so as not to disappoint the thousands of spectators. The preparations were carefully made, and Davis started on his descent. The bicycle rushed down the incline and leapt the chasm safely enough, but on striking the track on the other side of the space the wheels skidded. The result was that Davis lost control of his machine, and man and bicycle rolled over and over on the track. Attendants at once gave their aid. Davis was able to rise, and was assisted to a horse in the arena, and then taken to the tents behind. It may be mentioned that Davis has sustained several spills of this kind, but on no occasion has such mishap resulted in injury or interfered with the continuity of his performance.

   In connection with the show, the Caledonian Railway Company are running special trains between Dundee West and Magdalen Green, while on the Corporation tramways an augmented service is daily being run. Omnibuses of every description ply between the centre of the city and the showground.